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Mission Statement
The mission of Clifford Math and Technology Magnet is to provide a first class education to better equip students for success by promoting the strategic use of technology to advance mathematical reasoning, problem solving and communication. In hand with academics, Clifford is an environment that is safe; physically, socially and emotionally. Recognizing that education is a collaborative process, Clifford is committed to opening, maintaining and strengthening ties amongst staff, parents and the community.
School Profile
Clifford Math and Technology Magnet is an urban school sitting in the hills of Echo Park. It is a K-5 school with a current enrollment of 123 students, with one class per grade.
Approximately 80% of the students are economically disadvantaged, 10% are identified with disabilities, 20% are gifted and 17% are English Learners.
It is a school wide Title I Program school, with 80% participation in the Federal Free or Reduced Lunch Program. The school is part of a moderately diverse neighborhood of Los Angeles with high percentages of Latinos and Asians. The median income is below the city average. The ethnic, racial and language make-up of the student body reflects the community: 87% Latino, 6% White, 2% African American, 2% Asian, 1% American Indian and 1% Filipino.
There are 6 register-carrying teachers, all of whom are fully credentialed, as well as a Magnet Coordinator/Instructional Coach.  Clifford has a Resource Specialist Program with an itinerant RSP teacher and (1) 6-hour Special Education Assistant. We have a credentialed Arts teacher for each discipline (one day a week).  
The school has received multiple accolades such as Title 1 Academic Achievement Award, National Blue Ribbon School (2009), California Distinguished School (2015), California Gold Ribbon School (2016), and California Distinguished School again in 2018.
Clifford Magnet has a Parent Involvement Policy that supports and encourages parent engagement. Parents are encouraged to attend School Site Council and Friends of Clifford parent meetings, as well as workshops and trainings throughout the year. Parents also assist with the Safety Valet and Breakfast in the Classroom. Through regular and at the minimum twice a year, mandatory parent conferencing to review student performance, parents will be informed of their child's progress in their home language. Additionally, monthly newsletters, calendars, written communication and connect-ed calls are available in English and Spanish. Clifford funded a Parent/Community Representative to serve as a liaison between parents and the school. The Parent Center exists to provide a designated space and meeting place for school related tasks. It is equipped with a computer and printer.
Clifford consistently conducts comprehensive data analysis to monitor student achievement data. ELPAC, district periodic assessments, SBAC, attendance rates, student work and teacher recommendations are reviewed and discussed to ensure student academic, social and emotional needs are being addressed efficiently and effectively. Teachers, collaboratively with the administrator, plan, implement, monitor, evaluate, reflect and modify instruction  as needed. 
The feeder schools for Clifford Math and Technology Magnet are Thomas Starr King Magnet Middle School and Marshall High School.