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Design Thinking Classes

Design Thinking Classes

We have 45 minute Design Thinking classes every other week for all grade levels K-5th. They use the Design Thinking process to solve problems and create solutions individually or with a team. One project the whole school has worked on is creating a clubhouse out of ten index cards and tape in 15 minutes. They then had one more session and many more materials to decorate and make their clubhouse the best ever! All students designed a character that would use the clubhouse and a treasure that would be hidden inside. Finally, we wrapped up the project with either an oral or written story about the clubhouse, the character and the treasure. Learn more about Design Thinking below!

"Design thinking is the process of creating a product from scratch to finish, ensuring it is right for the person who needs to use it. This is a powerful tool for innovation and delivering creative solutions. It is a mindset that helps you create those Innovators" Click the link below to learn more about Design Thinking, the process and why it is so important for our young learners! 

Design Thinking

Design Thinking Process

Design Thinking has 5 steps:

1. Empathy

2. Define

3. Ideate

4. Prototype 

5. Test